Getting Crafty This Autumn

As much as we love cosy nights, scarves and Hallowe’en, our favourite thing about Autumn is, without a doubt the nature and colours. We love when the leaves go crunchy and colourful and pine cones fall – the more the better! This year, we’ve decided to bring the outside inside and make some DIY crafts for our homes using Autumnal offerings from nature.

Autumn Leaf Candle Jars

Super simple, just cover the outside of an old jam jar in pretty autumnal leaves and decoupage glue. Tie some twine around the top in a bow and stick a tea light (real or LED will work fine) inside for a lovely warm glow. For an even simpler alternative, half-fill an empty jam jar with acorns and place in a volair candle or LED tea light for a cute but easy themed candle.

Autumn Leaf Bowl

Another chance to crack out the PVA glue. Blow up a balloon and cover half of it with leaves and glue. Make sure you do a few layers to make it sturdy. Wait for it to dry and then pop the balloon. You should have a bowl made of leaves perfect for holding something light like popuri.

Autumn Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! Go on a nature walk and collect long twigs, pine cones, acorns and colourful leaves. Create a basic ring with the twigs and tie together with twine. Add in leaves, and other decorative items – a hot glue gun will be your friend here! Display proudly!

Painted Pinecones

There are so many options when it comes to painting pinecones. You could dip the whole thing in glue and then glitter, or use striking matte colours to paint the very ends of each piece – mix and match colours or go for a theme. You could then display them in a basket, lined up on a worktop of hanging from string. This would be a great one to get children involved in too!

Bonus – There are so many ways to decorate a pine cone – give it a hat and googly eyes, make it look like a hedgehog or an elf, add small pom poms – you could even keep them and use them as Christmas decorations!

Leaf Art

Grab a canvas and go crazy! Create one big leaf from a load of smaller ones, cover them in glitter, or get a few smaller canvas’ and some different leaves and create a simple piece of artwork with one leaf on each one. There are so many options and they are so simple to do – they require little or no artistic talent but look fantastic!

We are so excited to see what your great minds can come up with, so grab a pumpkin spiced latte and get crafting!

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