This guy has seen a lot, he knows a lot and he shares a lot. While we run around squeezing 110 jobs into our day, picking up, dropping off, working, swimming lessons, tennis lessons, football, clubs, parties, play dates, homework, cleaning tidying and making tea – to name a few, Grandad’s are different. Granddads have silver in their hair and gold in their hearts. They are devoted, and patient and kind. They are a childs dream, as they focus everything onto them and are not rushing around with a million and one other things to do.

My Grandpa was incredibly patient with me as a child – I remember insisting on playing hide and seek with him. Unfortunately Grandpa wasn’t very well, so I restricted the hiding to the lounge for us. I would always hide (best bit!) and Grandpa would always seek (saint like patience required). Endlessly he would ponder aloud as to where I could possibly be, he would play again and again, finding me in exactly the same spot each time, with my bum in the air as my head was poked under the table. The reality is that as a 4 year old, if I couldn’t see him – I was hidden.

Grandads and Grandpas – or whatever they have been promoted to are on their way to Sainthood. FACT.



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