Step Dad

Now in all honesty these guys, when you find a good ‘un, need to be kept at all costs. To be celebrated with maximum effort. As we all know parenting is tough, and the job is not made any easier when you step in part way through. A commitment from a Step Dad is like no other, this man is prepared to step in and step up. To embrace change and not be fazed by lifes complications.

Whilst he may not have been the one in the driving seat whilst creating the life that is yours, he is standing alongside you now, and I know which job is tougher! His is a choice – he is choosing you, and that is a wonderful thing.

Celebrate in style this Fathers Day and make sure you keep the ones with you that count. As the old saying goes, anyone can be a Father – it takes someone incredibly special to be a Daddy. And this is definitely one for the Step-daddys too.



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