Seemingly January is the month where the most break ups and divorces happens (or so I read). A busy month for solicitors, a bit like my Christmas for them. It got me thinking, maybe thats why in the month of February, Valentines is here. To try and remind us why we stick it out with the ones we love. It’s not easy this relationship malarkey. Managing to maintain a healthy relationship whilst keeping life on track, sorting the food shopping, filling in the parental consent forms (by the date school actually needs them), feeding everyone healthy meals, everyday, getting kids to school with everything they need, everyday, when half the time they can’t remember their own names in the morning, is a challenge.

I mean – how is it that even when you pack their bag with them, check it and hand it to them in the doorway they still forget. Yes this happened to me this morning, so William rocked up to school in the school footie kit, tournament ready, excited to take on all that Prestons schools can offer, minus his astro’s and school uniform to change into this afternoon. Face / hand. And as we live in the middle of no-where, 15 minutes away from school and they were leaving at 8.55am he had no option but to take whatever anyone could offer for his feet. He’s that kid in PE spares today!! In fairness he won’t give a toss, he’s not at his desk, and he’s playing footie with his mates, but I feel a failure stood at the school doors explaining that yet again, I’m here minus the stuff we need.

I digress though, Valentines Day. Something I didn’t really buy into, and I don’t do mushy, but I do know that it’s really important to take time with those you love. Life is short, and people are precious. The last couple of years have taught me that on too many occasions. So this Valentines, have a moment of appreciation for the Love in your life, be it a friend thats always there, your other half, your kids, your sister and the family at large. Spend time together, appreciate and celebrate being TOGETHER!! For some inspiration check out these small gifts that I reckon will help make it a day of together-ness.

  1. Stacking Tower game from me! As shown in the main image – you can play this together or with the kids…the important people, all together, enjoying time.
  2. The Honeywell Biscuit Company, to be honest I would always be delighted to receive any biscuits – but particularly from these supreme biscuit experts. I really like the Valentines range they have, there is genuinely something for everyone. Check them out here.
  3. Sticking with the food theme, and building up a fabulous night in of games, pie and biscuits, here is the most amazing pork pie by Brays Cottage Pork Pies, available from Notonthehighstreet.
  4. To finish off my night in, I’d add in (again from Notonthehighstreet) – a personalised snuggle blanket for us all to get under to watch a movie  together.

However you celebrate, enjoy!



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