Tree-at your loved one this Valentine’s Day

Tree-at your loved one this Valentine’s day with a bespoke wooden gift that shows you care.

Everyone knows that flowers and chocolates are Valentine’s “classics”. For “classics” read, boring and unimaginative. Don’t get us wrong, a bunch of roses on a rainy Thursday “just because” would make anyone’s heart swell, but on Valentine’s Day, they’re a little… well, cliche.

As always, we’ve got your back and have picked out some of our favourite gift ideas that are sure to impress! Whether your relationship is brand-new and still in the giggle love-bubble stage, or you’ve been together 40 years and have run out of ideas, we’ve got something perfect for you.

For the Adventurer

A couple who travel together, stay together. This box is a perfect place to keep all your keepsakes from past trips and those to come. For extra points, why not collate some of your favourite pictures and start filling the box up? If you’re feeling super flash, book a surprise trip and fill the box with clues!
Just £45.00


For the Sentimental

If you struggle with saying how you feel, this gorgeous solid oak slab will do the trick. Designed to be proudly displayed in your home, the slab can be personalised with your own choice of message so get thinking!
Just £30.00


For the budget conscious

If you’re looking for something thoughtful and fun that doesn’t cost the earth, why not pick up one of our personalised “I Love You More Than…” keyrings. A wonderful token gift that can be personalised with an in-joke (yes, he really does love you more than his XBox!) and carried around by the recipient as a cute reminder.
Just £9.00


For the Beer Lover

Not only does this box hold 2 amazing beers (which we can supply if you wish!) but it can be engraved with a message of your choice and will be appreciated by anyone who loves a good cold bottle.
Just £35.00


For the almost or newly weds!

Is this your last Valentine’s day before you tie the knot? Buy something to celebrate that fact, such as these cute Honeymoon luggage tags. A great way to get excited for your upcoming nuptials (and the resulting holiday!).
Just £25.50


For the understated

Perhaps your Valentine isn’t one for wearing their love in an obvious, soppy way, but you want to get them something thoughtful, practical and stylish. This personalised monogrammed iPhone case is the perfect choice. It’s a wonderful gift that they can keep close to their heart (well, in their pocket) without being too flashy.
Just £16.00


With a great present, should come a great card!

A card with a teddy on is cute, but does it really sum up your relationship? Or is your relationship far more fun, silly, quirky and unique? This cheeky card is sure to raise a smile without being too soppy if that’s not your style.

If your love is a little on the crazy side, and your other half does things that drive you made, this card is for you

However, if you’re still in the saucy honeymoon stage, why not send him this card and let him know what you’re really thinking for your Valentine’s evening!

Love is in the air and we love it! Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s day with your single pals, your first Valentine’s with a brand new beau, or it’s your 20th and you’re wanting to make a special effort, have a wonderful day!


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