‘Twas the stressful month before Christmas…

December is here! This is both our busiest and favourite time of the year here at Bespoke – we are well and truly rushed off our feet, did you see our Instagram Post for Mother’s Day?

Just imagine that but on a MUCH bigger scale!!!

So, with all that rushing around, it’s important that we take some time to relax, and get plenty of self-care! How do we plan on doing that, you ask? Well we thought we should share some of those hints and tips with you to make sure you remember to take some time for yourself amongst the pre-christmasy rushing around!

Starting each day the right way

Start each day as you mean to go on. I like to start mine with a refreshing Cup of Lemon & Green Tea, lift the spirits and get some feeling into those cold hands and feet! Just take a few moments to think about the day ahead, maybe write a list of everything that needs to get done today and prioritise!

Candlelit Baths

Very much in-keeping with our Hygge theme (Did you get to see that post?), we don’t find anything more relaxing after a long day of rushing around the Workshop than turning on those taps and enjoying a nice long soak, just you and a good book is all you need…. That and maybe a glass of wine!

Weekend Walks

Monday through Friday it’s go go go, so when Saturday comes around, we love getting outside with the family and going for a long stroll, spending some quality time with the other-half and watching this kids get completely covered in Mud and goodness-know-what!

Sunday Rest

You have to have at least one day a week that’s a duvet day! Get a good, healthy breakfast and snuggle back up in bed, plenty of rest in Winter is vital to maintaining your health. Whether you’re watching some Morning TV, curling up with a good book or just getting cosy with the kids, keep one day for staying in and making the most of the family time.

Dark Days don’t have to be dismal!

With the days being so short, it’s easy to start feeling down about spending so much time at work, so kick up the energy and throw on some great tunes! Whether it be festive-Christmas songs to get you in the mood, or Summer songs to remind you of the warmth, turn up the volume, sing it loud and sing it proud!

Breathe, it’s all going to be okay.

In all the chaos that is the run-up to Christmas, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with it all. The feeling of so much to do and so little time hits us all, but don’t worry, it’s all going to be okay! It’s important to stop and have a moment to take a deep breath, let go of the stresses in your life and look forward to the smiles and excitement of Christmas yet to come!

So what are your tips? These are just a few of the things that’ll be helping us get through the next few cold and chaotic weeks in the run up to Christmas – where we’ll be popping the Prosecco and having a well-deserved sit down!

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