We Love Weddings!

It’s wedding season and we could not be more excited! The big hats, the dancing, the copious amounts of wedding cake – it’s the best time of year and we love to celebrate it. No matter what stage of the marriage journey you are at, there’s something for you at Bespoke & Oak and we have compiled a list of our favourite must-buys for wedded bliss.

For the not-yet-married-but-planning

The stage when you’re lost in Pinterest boards, fabric samples and the political minefield that is the seating plan. The excitement far outweighs the stress at this point, although you are starting to realise that this wedding planning lark is harder than you thought – gulp!

There’s loads of cute ways to ask your Bridesmaids to be part of your big day, including our wooden magnet cards. Perfect if you’re asking a long-distance bestie, or if you want to give them something to keep that’s a little bit special.

For the soon-to-be-wed

If you’re getting married in the next few months, you’re probably in the process of finishing off those last minute details. You’re also probably swinging from elation and excitement to stress and nerves – don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Some last minute touches we love are our Bridesmaid coat hangers. Get them engraved with the girls’ names and the wedding date (no excuses for forgetting your anniversary!) and they make lovely gifts. They also look great on the getting ready photographs.

If you’re jetting off on your honeymoon after the big day, be sure to order your matching Mr & Mrs luggage tags to let the whole world know! Sometimes companies will give you little extras if they know you’re celebrating your honeymoon so shout it from the rooftops!

For the celebrating-5-wonderful-years

At the point of your five year anniversary you’re still in the exciting period of the post-wedding glow, but also comfortable enough with your partner to feel settled and content. You’re also far enough away from the wedding day that you can look back with only fond memories, forgetting entirely that the caterers were late or that Auntie Barbara got plastered and made a scene, not to mention the planning stress.

The five year anniversary is also the wooden anniversary, so of course we’ve got some unique gifts for you. If your other-half is the sporty type, why not order one of our personalised rounders sets. Great as a wedding present, or to play on the big day, but if you missed out, a lovely, quirky gift for your anniversary.

If you need somewhere to store all the keepsakes from your honeymoon, then our Adventures Memory box is ideal – it can even be personalised with a favourite quote, your names or a date.

Celebrating your anniversary by going camping? Our Glamping mallets are a huge success – much better than a boring old plain mallet and totally unique.

For the everyone-is-getting-married-except-for-me-no-thanks

Feel like you will be spending your summer at other people’s weddings, having to make small talk with someone’s cousin and finding an outfit that you haven’t yet been photographed in? Why not treat yourself to our Personalised Real Ale and Beer Gift Box? You deserve it!

What can we say, we love weddings. We love making things to make your special day even more special, and we love seeing our products in use. So whatever stage of the wedding journey you’re at, we are there for you.

Personalised Wedding Day Rounders Kit
Personalised Real Ale Gift Box


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