This is me (the one in the middle)....Clare, often to be found wandering the hills around the house. Keeping my mind occupied and my feet moving. Fresh air and the great outdoors is a huge part of who I am - I recently realised how much I love going for a swim too....but to really appeal, it needs to be under a huge sky.

If it's raining - even better! 

The two cherubs on either shoulder are Will & George. My best friends and sidekicks in all I do....hopefully giving them a great work ethic and an I can do anything I set my mind to attitude.

I started this shin dig, when the boys were just two. When paying for nursery was simply a transfer of my salary to nursery. Employment felt so pointless. As much as I wasn't a fan of working to give all my money to someone else - I wasn't IN LOVE with my job.


Don't get me wrong, going back to work for a hot cup of tea was enough to get me out of bed in a morning and motivate me, but that didn't last long.

I needed more.
I wanted more - god damn it! 

Redundancies came up at work, and although I didn't get to take it, it got me thinking.

We had got married in March, and made it a family day by having the boys Christe

 the same time. Walked in got married - walked out got them Christened!

I'd put together our table plan with a big wooden board I'd found in the field (Robs Dad's place is like Steptoe & Sons yard!)...burning our new married name into the board with Robs soldiering iron and attaching slates that I wrote out and decorated with chalk pen.

I'd made homemade fudge and handwritten the boxes for place settings.

That creativity made me scream - THIS IS ME! I need to have this level of creativity in my life...next thing to work out was how the hell I was going to do this?!

Thankfully I had a husband, who understood that I needed this and supported me all the way. While I wasn't essentially bringing any money to the table it seemed as good a time as any...and hey presto Bespoke & Oak was born.

The start of the business was really when I was accepted as a seller on NOTHS (notonthehighstreet), it gave me an incredible leg up and boosted my confidence to believe this was possible. I stayed in the NOTHS bubble for years, and credit so much of the business that I am today to their amazing help.

But the year of the pandemic, I decided that along side the fabulous space I had on NOTHS, I wanted to expand my own empire. My own little place on-line to share my happy gifts, plastic free products and thoughtful offerings directly with my customers.

So here I am, while I'm not a new business, this space is still quite new for me, and I love it. I own it, it's mine. So welcome, come on in and if you need any help, or have any question, just drop me an email. 

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Thanks for reading 

Clare x