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Personalised Bamboo Small Pet Bowl

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A perfect set of pet bowls, personalised to be ideal for both cats and small dogs..and your home.

Inspiration to include this product into our range was from the fact that our newest cat Ginny LOVES her food, and I love my kitchen…. Our older cat Tome had been more of outdoor cat, but this one was definitely more inclined to be a bit of both. I needed something stylish to please us both.

The personalised bamboo pet bowl stand for the cat bowls makes us both happy. She has her food (she doesn’t actually care how it’s delivered), and I have something that doesn’t destroy the look of my kitchen!

Each pet bowl stand comes complete with the two dishes, and is personalised with the name of your dog or cat.

Bamboo bowl holder and metal bowls


36x(l) x 16.5(w) x 7(h)

Bowls measure 13cm diameter