Easter Crafty Bits & Bobs

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I was so hopeful that Easter would be the Christmas we didn't all get, but it's looking as though we'll still be a bit restricted in terms of what we can and can't do, and who we can and can't see. 

That's not to say that we can't enjoy Easter though - a great time to eat chocolate, decorate eggs and enjoy the Spring (sunshine - fingers crossed). 

Thought I'd share a few ideas for Easter crafts and activities that the kids can enjoy over the next few weekends.


First up - me and the boys will be finishing decorating our wooden Easter Eggs to hang up (available now from the shop if you fancy some). Super cute - personalised and big enough for small hands to have a go without it being fiddly. Just get those colouring pens out and let them work up a storm. 


SECONDLY - we are likely to bake. Everyones a winner with this activity! Throw in some mini eggs and I can't promise Finch Bakery standards (you need to check those girls out) but we are all going to be enjoying that sugary goodness.

Have a wonderful break everyone!

Clare x