Moving Premises

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So not to be dramatic, but this week we are still renovating the house, that sounded so great when I first started saying it. Ermmm yes we're renovating at the moment. Now not such a fun phrase. Generally said with clenched teeth and a nod of despair! To add to the drama - I decided that we should move business premises, coincide that with the boys finishing Primary School and boom that's me ;)

Tomorrow I'll be dispatching the mornings orders quick sharp for all the teacher gifts and end of term celebrations, the Teacher's Flags and Bookmarks have proved popular - still time to order. Before beginning the mammoth task of shifting the whole operation to a new unit about 25 minutes away. I needed this like a hole in the head - but I know it will all be worth it. The new space is in a gorgeous location, it will be so much easier to be more efficient, and once we are in I know it will have been the right thing to do.

After the end of term celebrations I'll be concentrating on Wedding designs and Christmas (aghhh I said it!) - it will literally be sending me crackers as I try and streamline my many ideas for new crackers this year. 

Have a great week,

Clare x