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I never thought they'd actually get to the end of primary school if I'm honest, but yesterday I collected their leavers hoodies, and sent them in wearing them with pride today. The end of term is looming!
It's a double edged sword, they are definitely ready for that next step, I know they need to spread their wings. I on the other hand am definitely NOT READY!
The teachers at their school are a special breed, a perfect mix, lead by the equivalent of Glenda the Witch of the North - Mrs Wallace. Only Mrs W favours black over pink and enjoys leading a sporting charge - but totally a Glenda.
To this end I feel a bigger need than ever to say thanks with a teachers gift this year - for the sterling work they did through the weirdest year on record, for adding extra clubs when they have returned to try and make up for lost time, for making it easy for the children to enjoy school again and return to some sense of routine and normality, and for always being there when I have needed advice or to discuss the boys futures. 
Last year I made up a teachers pamper box for their class teacher and Mrs W, and I'm wondering what to do this year. The pamper box was genius to be honest - we baked cookies and added small bottles of fizz. Who doesn't like cookies and fizz? But Mrs W now has her pamper box - she doesn't need another.
This year I have added a few new products that I think will be great for the end of term and will suit all budgets. Whether you are flying solo in your gifting campaign or you are clubbing together to get a more significant gift.
Here are a few end of term gifts that might just wet your whistle!



Personalised Fingerprint Frame

So if you too have a Glenda, (keeping my fingers crossed that you do - no-one wants their kids being taught by the W.W. of the East.....and I don't make personalised water buckets!) - then pop over and have a look at whats in store!

I'm sure I have something perfect for you.

Clare x




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