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It occurred to me yesterday that everyday has a milestone - a bit like that of a baby (bear with me!) We see so often, the super cute pictures of babies that have reached the milestone of being 1 week old! We all love the images and raise a toast to 7 days of being in the world. 
During Lockdown, we need a little joy to carry us through the day(s) and weeks, so I am introducing Lockdown Milestone discs!
Take a look on my Insta feed to follow my Milestones and send me yours, I'm going to be sending out discs to as many folk as I can for them to share their milestones. It might be that you wore your bra ALL DAY! Or you got dressed before breakfast, washed your hair two days in a row??!! Or staved off the wine until 4pm.....small wins my friends, and if we can all join together we can see our Lockdown Milestones together, raise a smile, a glass and some joy.
Who's with me?! 
Send me your wins / fails / smiles and woes and I'll do my very best to get you a Lockdown Milestone Disc out. All I ask is that you this with the insta world. Just tag me in - so I can see and share too, and use the hashtag #lockdownmilestones.
See you there babes!

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